Commercial Roof Inspections

At Georgia Unlimited Roofing & Building, our commercial roof inspections provide peace of mind. Regular inspections can help foresee potential issues, saving money and preventing unexpected disruptions. We serve commercial clients throughout Georgia, so request an inspection by calling (678) 304-0933 or text us at (678) 632-1922.

Commercial Roof Assessment Process

The licensed general contractors at Georgia Unlimited Roofing & Building follow a systematic process to cause minimal disruption to your regular business operations. With our commercial roof inspection services, customers get more than a glance. We take the time to understand each roof we examine:

  • Scheduling the Inspection. We arrange a commercial roof assessment at a convenient time that causes the least disruption to your business operations.
  • Thorough Examination. Our inspectors examine your roof for the usual signs of damage or wear, both apparent and potential.
  • Documentation. Each inspection ends with detailed documentation, including photographs and a comprehensive report of our findings.
  • Recommendations. Finally, we discuss the findings with you and clearly state your roof’s condition, along with professional recommendations for the next steps.
commercial roof inspections in Georgia

Additional Commercial Roofing Services

Apart from a professional commercial roof inspection, we offer a full suite of roofing services for commercial customers, including:

  • Installation. We provide professional roof installation services, guaranteeing durable, functional, and aesthetically appealing roofing for your business.
  • Repairs & Maintenance. Regular and timely repairs can significantly extend your roof’s life, so we ensure your roof remains in prime condition year-round.
  • Replacement. Sometimes, repairs are not as cost-effective as a replacement, so we’ll offer total replacements using high-quality materials from Duro-Last and Versico and expert installation.


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Georgia Unlimited Roofing & Building does more than inspect roofs. We provide peace of mind with regular commercial roof inspections to foresee potential issues. Everybody loves saving money, and preventative measures accomplish that goal. Request an inspection when you call (678) 304-0933 or text us at (678) 632-1922 and allow us to partner with you in maintaining a healthy, safe environment for your business. We serve commercial clients throughout Georgia, including Covington, Conyers, Oxford, Rutledge, and Monroe.

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